Good Questions Lead to Conversions

What Is A Mutually Beneficial Outcome?
November 21, 2019

Initially, when I meet someone, I want to find out what motivated them to reach out to me. What’s happening when you’re asking these questions initially during the connecting phase, you’re finding out what motivates them. You’re finding out where they’re at in life. Then I’ll ask questions like, why is that important to you? How does that make you feel? I’m getting them to dig in a little bit deeper because I want to find out their true feelings. I want to find out where they are.

When you first meet an individual, you don’t have to go out and become their best friend. You don’t have to ask them how the weather is. That’s the typical way that salespeople are trained to establish a connection. The main thing when you are dealing with a consumer, a future partner, or customer, is you have to make sure that the one thing that you have in common is expanded on. I’ll explain this more here.


If you start assuming what people are wanting, without digging in and finding out about them, their wants and needs, you’re going to be shooting yourself in the foot. Maybe they’re saying, “Man, I’ve tried four or five network marketing companies, and I can’t find one that works”, or, “I just don’t get the support that I’m looking for.”

As I get know someone, I want to find out as much about them as possible.

Although you don’t look at day-to-day type of activities as selling, sales are actually made by everyone, every day, all over the world.  One of the ways I really honed my no high-pressure system was by entering into a world I never thought I’d be a part of. I went into the corporate collections business. It’s not where I wanted to be, but I ended up being desperate for a job, and I applied to see what it was all about.

Learn about the things that changed my life, and how they can impact yours as well. If we ever meet at an event, please remind me. I’d be more than happy to share that story.

“You’re going to see that it’s not what you thought it was, and you’re going to see that this gives you the power that most people never have.”


Position Yourself as an Expert.

People aren’t listening to what you’re saying 90% of the time. We want people listening to us 100% of the time. When you position yourself as an expert and you’re closing the sale, they’re viewing this as an expert asking them what they want to do next. Make it something that you genuinely embrace.

The Importance of Applying This Method

You can give the keys to the kingdom to someone, but if they don’t take it to the door, and turn the keys, they’re not going to walk in, right? You have to believe in your product or service. You have to believe that it’s going to be able to fulfill people’s needs. It’s going to be something that’s going to help them and not be shady. It’s not something that if they The Importance of

If you’re talking to many people and closing a few sales, something’s wrong. Many times, salespeople think, well I have to talk to more people. I have to bring more people through my system,  and that’s not always right. The numbers may tell you that you need more leads, but a lot of times you have plenty of leads. You just need to work with them, and they need to be the right leads.

The opposite of almost everything that you may have ever heard about selling,

You have to be a believer.

This article you just read now is an important part of my Get Clients. Not Leads. philosophy. It shows you how important VALUE is to your clients! I recommend you read the article “The Oprah™ Principle And How You Can Use This To Get More Clients” next so you can see what needs to happen before you speak to your future client!

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