The 6 Client Types You Need to Be Aware Of In Your Coaching or Consulting Business

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November 21, 2019
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The 6 Client Types You Need to Be Aware Of In Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Clients are the lifeblood of your business. This is why you need to know how to engage with the 6 types of clients you will encounter.

There is no one magic way to approach all clients. You will have to approach each client type in a different way if you want to get a client quicker and easier. Keeping your conversion approach dynamic will help you appeal to the unique personalities of each type of client. Depending on what client type you are talking to, you will have to respond differently to their questions and needs.

I have seen all 6 of these client types since I started my coaching business and have developed an accurate grasp on what the best approaches are to converting future prospects into paying clients.

The 6 Client Types

At one time or another, you are going to come across each one of the following client types. Understanding their personalities will help you prepare to engage with them in a way which will appeal to them. When you succeed with this, it becomes much easier to get a client.

Here are the 6 potential client types that you need to be aware of:

  1. The Casper 

The Casper is friendly and will want to develop rapport and a relationship. They like looking at the big picture and will avoid digging into the details. They will interchange business and personal matters, since they like keep all their relationships casual and easy-going. These problem solvers are ready to share their ideas. 

Ask them some questions, since that will get them excited and talking about their ideas. They will undoubtedly get really enthusiastic about them, which is an energy you will want to mirror back in an authentic way.  Go over the information several times with them so they can get a good grasp of it. When they ask you questions, show them the value you are providing them.

2. The Driver 

The Driver is a potential client type that is driven and decisive. They know what they want and want it quickly. When you effectively introduce them to the concepts of what you are selling, they will see the value it has and want to get in on it right away. They do not like getting bogged down with the finer details. They want to easily grasp the big picture. 

Mirroring works wonders with this group, meaning you reflect back that decisiveness they are demonstrating. Show them that you are open to taking a little bit of risk to work with them to get a conversion. Connect and qualify with the Driver to get a sale quickly and without much effort on your part.

3. The Sharer 

Shifting gears, we are going to take a look at the Sharer. Unlike the Driver, this potential client type is collaborative. The Driver and the Sharer are at the ends of the same spectrum. They are group problem solvers that like achieving consensus with others. They are mindful with their words and will want to maintain a certain level of decorum. 

The way you get a conversion with a Sharer is to connect and open up a discussion with them. They are probably going to ask you a bunch of questions about the nature of what you are selling and there may be plenty of follow-up questions. Be open and willing to talk with them in a way which highlights the value they are getting.

4. The Rulebreaker 

A Rulebreaker isn’t going to care if something does or does not have a long history of success. They are innovators who believe that sometimes, you need something completely novel and revolutionary to achieve success. 

You should pitch ideas to these mavericks. Create a sandbox for creative ideas, but remember to keep the discussion focused so they don’t get off-track. Rather than getting into too many details with them, illustrate how they can achieve success through what you are selling. Once they understand the big picture, you will get them onboard. 

5. The Critic 

Just as the Driver and the Sharer are on opposite ends of the same spectrum, the same can be said for the Casper and the Critic. They are cautious critical thinkers whose trust needs to be earned. 

The Critic is usually more comfortable communicating through email, since being put on the spot in real-time makes them uncomfortable. Given that they are the skeptic type, avoid being too friendly or personal. This is a big turn-off for them. Take it slow, but connect and qualify them. It will take time to get a conversion with the Critic, but it is possible when you approach them in a way in which they don’t feel pressured.

6. The Pocket Protector 

Caution drives the decisions that the Pocket Protector makes. This potential client is analytical and needs to look at all the different angles of something before they make an assessment about it. They want to see proof that something works. The Pocket Protector needs to see that something has a history of success before they get on board with it.

The way to get this type of client is to give them specific data points showing how what you are selling has a proven track record of working. They will want to see more extensive details that most other client types. Avoid being pushy, because they will close off.

Get the Client, Every Time!

You can now see why you need to have a few different strategies in your back pocket. There are 6 major groups that clients fall into. With your new understanding of these client types and how they differ from each other, you open up the door to closing a sale, every time. 

None of these potential client types are better or worse than any other. They are all unique in their own ways, which is a good thing. It will keep things fresh and exciting for you like it does for me. 

Let me repeat it again: 

When you adjust your closing strategy to match the personalities of each of the 6 client types, you will get the client every time.

When you connect with your potential client and speak to their needs, they will respond positively. The next time you get in touch with a potential client, remember this list of the major client types and get that sale!

This article you just read now is an important part of my Get Clients. Not Leads.™ philosophy. It’s all about knowing who you are speaking to so you can truly serve them the right way! I recommend you read the article “Pain Or Pleasure…What Should I Be Focusing On With My Future Clients?” next so you can see what your focus should be with your prospective clients!

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