What Can I Do To Get More People Into My Program?

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July 25, 2014

What Can I Do To Get More People Into My Program?

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try, that you just don’t know what to do to get people into your program? I get messages all the time and questions from my students that state that exact question, in one form or another.

So what is the key to getting more people in your business opportunity? Is it working harder? Well, some people can definitely work harder, but what about the people that DO work harder? Is it working smarter? How do I get more people into my program? You asked.

Most people are told to work smarter, but what does that really mean? Is the opposite of that, working dumber? Do people really work “dumb”?

The real truth is that most people probably do NOT know how to work “properly”. Not harder or smarter …. but properly. But, what does that mean?

I think that most people do not think or work in a proper fashion, because of how they get excited about “their” program. That excitement clouds their ability to “sell” properly. Understand one thing. You are selling people when you are talking to them about your program.

You are not talking to them about your program with the end result for them NOT to join you, correct? Does this make sense? What most people never get is that the people you talk to are NOT you. They will not get excited about the same things you get excited about. They don’t get down about the same things you get down about.

Now I know that many programs nowadays are geared towards internet marketing and lead generation, which is great. Using the power of the internet this day and age is what needs to be done. That is an example of working “smart”. But, if you want to have long-term growth, there has to be a “people” component.

Internet systems where you do now have to talk to people, and just have them blindly sign up with no interaction will make money for people in the long run, but if there is no place for people to connect, and interact with others, many will just wither away, and quit.

So how do recruit more people and get more sales.

First, you have to understand that it is about them, not you. Many people tend to get clouded by the excited state they are in about their program, and then they try to convey their excitement to others. That is not selling. Why should anyone buy from you or join your program? What will you be doing for them?

This is the key to selling “properly”. People need to go through 4 stages when you talk to them, and it is important that each stage is done properly so they are “sold”. The main reason ………. and the way for you to make more sales, and recruit more people ………. Is that they will sell themselves!

You first need to connect to them. Then you have to qualify them. Then you have to present to them. And finally you will close them. If you have done the 1st 3 stages well, then the 4th will come pretty easily.

The key is to ask well-timed questions and then just sit back, and let people sell themselves. Who better to do all the heavy lifting, right? People will sell themselves much more easily than you will ever sell them. That is a fact. Stay tuned to future articles because I will be delving deeper into each stage. This will make you more money and get more people into your program.

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